immuneML | Website | bioRxiv | github
immuneML is a machine learning platform for disease diagnostics based on interrogation of the adaptive immune system that allows both novices and experts to perform immune repertoire analyses in an efficient and reproducible manner.


ImmuneSIM | Article | Github | CRAN
immuneSIM is a simulation package for in silico generating human and mouse B- and T-cell repertoires with user-defined properties to provide the user with custom native or aberrant immune receptor sequence repertoires to benchmark their repertoire analysis tools.

ImmuneREF | Under development


Paratope-Epitope prediction | Preprint | Github

ImmunoProbs | Github
ImmunoProbs is a Python wrapper for the IGoR package (Marcou, Mora & Walczak, Nature Communications, 2018). ImmunoProbs with all its dependencies is also available via Docker.